Twenty years ago, the Insurance industry was in a state of paradigm paralysis. The inertia was caused by a peculiar issue: Insurers would not change unless their plan members demanded it, but plan members did not understand their benefits well enough to demand better. Back then, benefits were archaic and far removed from market realities. It was not wrong, but we didn't like it. The Insurance industry needed to be disrupted, so Global Financial Brokers was formed.

Becoming an Insurance Broker was the only way to meaningfully connect Insurers with plan members, so Global committed to bridging that gap. Our founders saw a vision for the industry that could not have been imagined at the time. They envisioned an industry where Insurers provided benefits that fit plan members' needs, where plan members were empowered to proactively use their benefits and where the benefits ecosystem was supported by industry experts who genuinely cared. Global Financial Brokers Limited is passionate about Benefits and fiercely protective of the people in our care.

Our constructive disruption over the past 20 years has shifted the paradigm and made Global Financial Brokers Limited measurably different:

  • We believe that benefits should be aligned with actual healthcare costs so we worked with Insurers to increase standard benefits.

  • We believe that Health plans should be tailored to suit plan members' needs so we became the first Insurance Broker to meticulously analyze our clients’ demographics and work with HR Departments and Insurers to design plans with benefits that matter.

  • We believe that Health Insurance is not only for when sick, but should be used to preserve good health so we were the first Insurance Brokers to promote Primary Health Care benefits among Insurers and plan members.

  • We believe that Benefits in Trinidad and Tobago should be on par with International best practice so we continuously benchmarked local plans with the best international plans to make sure our clients get the best.

    • We believe that premiums should be fair so we worked with Insurers to create the Member+1 category so plan members with only one dependent would not have to pay for full family coverage.

    • We believe that a Broker that cares should do more than just connect clients with Insurers so we formed Total Benefits Specialists Limited in 2010 to provide a range of services to our clients that support their employee benefits programmes.

    • We believe that an empowered employee is a productive employee so we created Javelin. Our customized online portal puts benefits information at the employees’ fingertips and connects them directly with Global's team of professionals who can answer any question they might have.

    • We believe that unless all parties have a seat at the table, nobody wins so we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients' plan members understand their benefits and how to use them.

    • We believe that justice delayed is justice denied so we maintain excellent relationships with all Insurers to ensure that our clients' claims are settled promptly and accurately.

    • We believe that change begins with us so we developed a culture of introspection. We constantly look within our operations to see how we could be better.

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