Employee Benefits is a critical component of any organization’s total compensation package. Employers want sound ideas on how to support business and talent objectives and meet the needs of different demographic groups while balancing corporate goals and cost constraints.

Global Financial Brokers Limited offers employers the unparalleled advantage of local and international market knowledge, cost-efficient processes, and access to expertise on innovations and compliance. Through our Employee Benefits Brokerage, we help employers:

  • Control benefit program costs
  • Use benefits to help attract and retain the right employees
  • Save time and money
  • Manage financial and regulatory risks
  • Keep employees healthy and productive
  • Secure the best solutions, pricing and service from Insurers

Plan Strategy and Design

Global conducts rigorous analysis to help clients develop strategies that are targeted to their employee populations, budgets, business and talent objectives.

With the strategy set, we then work with the client to design a benefits plan. This generally includes medical, dental, vision, life, and accident and disability.

Our ultimate goal is to enable clients to:

  • Improve employee health, productivity, engagement and performance.
  • Deliver real value to employees through their investment in employee benefits.
  • Ensure that benefit programs are effectively administered.
  • Offer competitive benefits within budget.
  • Plan Management and Brokerage

    At Global we customize our services based on each client's requirements. Global offers:

    • Account Executives
    • Benefits Audit
    • Management of Plan Enrollment/Transfer
    • Benefits Administration
    • Online Plan Administrator Portal (through Javelin)
    • Regular Benefits Reports