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TBSL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Financial Brokers Limited. TBSL was formed in 2010 to encompass the delivery of all consultancy and administrative services (separate and apart from Insurance Brokerage services). It was created for the sole purpose of providing Employee Benefits management, oversight and service support in the areas of Group Health, Group Life and Pension Administration.

Employee Benefits Administration Services


Clinical Coordination

    • Managing cases by liaising directly with health care professionals, institutions and plan members in cases of serious illnesses
    • Ensuring that optimum care is received by all plan members
    • Monitoring that recommended procedures are carried out by health institutions
    • Facilitating Pre-certifications
    • Visiting to hospitalised clients when required

Health & Wellness Programmes

  • Onsite Annual Preventative Medicals
  • Onsite Vaccinations
  • Onsite Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Wellness Seminars and Fairs
  • Annual Medical Reports

SHIP (Safety & Health Intervention Programme)

  • SHIP is a case management programme designed specifically for work related injuries. GFBL, through its subsidiary Total Benefits Specialist Ltd. (TBSL) will implement and coordinate this process while also managing the employees’ treatment from initial incident to final resolution.

Benefits to Employer

  • Decreased staff absenteeism from unnecessary sick leave
  • The reduction of employer’s out of pocket expenses through the coordination of Workman’s Compensation with the existing Group Health plan.
  • The reduction of incurred costs through efficient case management:
  • TBSL’s will ensure that treatment is in line with the stated diagnosis
  • Invoices will be reviewed to prevent unnecessary or inaccurate billing
  • Educational and other presentations to employees to raise their awareness on Health and Wellness management
  • Quarterly reports on the number and types of work related injuries as well as medical management and outcome
  • The Coordination and management of Executive Medicals

Benefits to Employees

  • Access to quality medical care for work related injuries
  • Patient advocacy, through the Clinical Coordinator who will ensure a standardized quality of care is obtained by members.
  • Interpretation of information to ensure employees understand information and treatment
  • The TBSL Clinical Coordinator’s direct liaison with health care professionals, institutions and employees in case of serious illness
  • Provision of critical support to employees and to some extent family members


Financial Risk Management

  • Helping employees to increase and sustain savings
  • Identifying Objective, Time Horizon & Risk Appetite for investments
  • Running calculations to ensure amounts being saved match life goals
  • Ensuring employees are adequately Insured
  • Estate Planning & Will Preparation services

Pension Administration

  • Processing and filing of New Applications
  • Verification, Processing and Submission of Monthly Remittances
  • Processing and filing of Contribution Increases
  • Verification and Issuance of Annual Policy Statements
  • Verification and Issuance of Annuity Tax Statements
  • Processing and filing of Transfers of Ownership
  • Management and Fulfilment of all Compliance Requirements
  • Access to our on-line benefits portal- Javelin

Employee Benefits Education Sessions

  • Presentations to inform plan members of their Group Health, Life and Pension plans. These sessions will allow plan members to get the greatest value from their suite of benefits
  • Provide useful advice to the HR team to help them efficiently manage the claims of your Plan Members.
  • Presentations on Personal Financial Risk Management. These sessions help members plan their financial strategies and prepare for their future.