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What We Do

Our Services

We regard each client as a partner and take great care to nurture deep and mutually rewarding
relationships. We listen closely to our clients and monitor industry trends to ensure that their
Benefits programs evolve as staff demographics, company goals and industry trends evolve.

Group Health and Life
Brokerage & Administration

Group Health & Life Insurance Benefits is a critical component of any organisation’s total compensation package.

We offer employers:

  • Decades of market knowledge & experience in the sector,
  • Constant innovation whilst always observing Compliance requirements,
  • Access to the most affordable & comprehensive coverage possible, through A++ Certified Network of local & international Insurers.

Plan Design

Going to market and negotiating the best rates for:

  • Medical, dental & vision benefits on a Group Health plan; and
  • Life, accident & disability benefits on a Group Life plan.


Membership movements and adjustments on both Health & Life Plans.

Claims Processing

Ensuring that all claims submitted by plan members are accurate & complete before submitting to insurers for adjudication.

Claims Settlement

Ensuring that claims are settled by Insurers correctly & expeditiously.


Ensuring the accuracy of monthly insurer billings, to avoid incorrect premium charges to clients.

Plan Monitoring & Reporting

Preparing & presenting quarterly, semi-annual or annual reports on:

  • Type & frequency of claims,
  • Trends in medical health experiences, and
  • Cost of treatments

Medical Case

As an insurance brokerage specialising in employee benefits, including health, we fully appreciate the challenges that patients encounter with respect to critical health care.

After navigating these difficulties for many of our clients, we recognise the importance of a consultative Medical Triage Team, guided by our in-house Doctor, to coordinate both diagnostics as well as treatment for patients.

This Triage Team:

  • Prioritises a patient’s treatment based on the severity of their condition,
  • Collaborates with multidisciplinary medical professionals to diagnose both the ailment, as well as the most effective course of treatment, and
  • Coordinates and reports on the various stages of the treatment plan.

Workmen’s Compensation Co-Ordination Program

We co-ordinate benefits payable under a Health plan, with those payable under Workmen’s Compensation coverage. This is done through our bespoke Safety & Health Intervention Program (SHIP). This program allows Employers to recoup some of their own out-of-pocket costs from their Health plan, over and above the maximum benefits payable under Workmen’s Compensation.

We also co-ordinate the medical attention required after an on-the-job incident occurs.

Source a Medical Provider for Service

A Medical Provider is sourced and chosen based on our mutual agreement with the client.

Frequent Monitoring of Injury Cases

Our in-house medical doctor keeps updated on all injury cases, by liaising with hospitals and ER doctors to ensure the patient’s best interest is sought.


Providing critical support to employees and family members to ensure that they fully understand the information and treatment.

Quarterly Reports

Submission of quarterly reports to HR on:

  • The number and types of injuries,
  • Medical management and outcome, and
  • Cost of treatment.

Annual Medicals

Global is the only brokerage in Trinidad and Tobago with a fully qualified and experienced medical doctor on staff, who conducts comprehensive medical consultations, examinations, and diagnostics for our clients’ employees.

These are aimed at providing early prevention, detection and intervention of diseases, thereby reducing the risk of chronic non-communicable diseases and its complications such as heart attacks and strokes.

In keeping with the US Task Force Guidelines for Preventive Services, we ensure that an evidence-based approach is adopted for all annual medicals we conduct, while adhering to international standards and quality.

Pension Administration
and Advisory

A Retirement Plan is a valuable employee benefit that will play an important role in securing financial comfort during retirement.

We assist corporate clients in tailoring retirement plan models best suited to their budget and salary levels. Our Team acts as a seamless extension of your HR Department, ensuring that your employees understand & use the Retirement Plan they have. We simultaneously provide administrative services aimed at guaranteeing the accurate & efficient operation of the Plan, whilst alleviating the day to day demands on your HR personnel.

Pension/Annuity Plan Design

Tailoring the best fit retirement plan for corporate clients based on:

  • industry sector,
  • employee headcount,
  • company revenue, and
  • salary levels.


Assisting new employees with the completion of all documents needed to enroll onto the selected Retirement Plan.


Receiving and verifying the accuracy of:

  • Monthly Remittances,
  • Anniversary Statements, and
  • Tax Certificates.

Transfer of Ownership

Facilitating the transfer of ownership of corporate policies when employees switch jobs.

Advice on Retirement options

At retirement, we offer advice on which retirement option may be most appropriate for you.


Having adequate finances plays a critical role in our lives. Not knowing how to successfully manage this can fundamentally impact our well-being.

We educate groups on how to effectively manage their finances and assist individuals in applying the seven (7) Steps to Financial Wellness, as relevant and appropriate to their individual situations.

Estate Planning
and Consultation

Estate Planning plays a crucial role in safeguarding your assets, ensuring that these assets pass to your loved ones upon your death and that your estate is managed in accordance with your wishes.

We focus on helping you understand:
– the importance of a Will,
– the difference between a Power of Attorney and a Will, and
– based on the assets you own, how you can pass them to beneficiaries without a Will.


We help you take charge of your own health by educating you on the methods to prevent the onset of common, chronic medical ills and how to improve your overall health.

Our Holistic Wellness services focus on the general, holistic improvement of employees’ well-being by providing tools & information on measures that can be taken to have a happy, healthy workforce.

Chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCDs)

Understanding the main types of chronic non-communicable diseases and their preventative measures.


Educating on the correlation between nutrition and ill-health, and ways to improve your diet.

Physical Fitness & Ergonomics

Guiding on suitable workplace furniture and its impact on physical health.

Stress Management

Identifying the main stressors and their impact on diet, sleep, relaxation and overall health.

Emotional Wellness

Achieving a workplace environment that fosters feelings of value, respect, security and support by exploring areas such as relationships, career and environment; bringing mindfulness, breathing techniques, energy awareness, meditation and proper posture to help relieve stress and promote work-life balance.

Corporate Secretarial

Whether your company has 2 or 100+ employees, staying up to date with all legal, compliance and administrative issues can be a nuisance.

We ensure that you are compliant and have the necessary support you need to continue running your company efficiently, and prepare policies and procedures that are tailored to the composition, style and needs of your company.

Seminars & Fairs

We conduct educational seminars and fairs for clients covering a wide range of disciplines: